Mrs. Greiner,

Thank you so much for your time! I have created this page to provide you with further information on BloomingTables.

I started BloomingTables immediately after I graduated college last year in 2019. I decided a Kickstarter campaign was the best way to not only raise funds, but also to prove market demand for BloomingTables.

The response was incredible! We hit our goal of 20k in the first 48 hours, finishing our campaign just shy of the 40k marker.

Since then, I have worked hard to make BloomingTables a household name. I was able to fulfill on my Kickstarter early - just in time for the holiday season – continuing to test everything from price point to marketing strategies.

I have proven a scalable model and am now looking to take BloomingTables to the next level by partnering with the best!

BloomingTables is the world’s first living furniture line. Our patent pending design combines a table with a planter box, allowing users to grow herbs, cultivate micro greens, or enjoy the beauty of succulents indoors! Users are able to garden at home both hydroponically, and through traditional soil methods!

Our BloomingTables only take 10 minutes to set up, and are equipped with a twist-to-open drain valve – allowing them to support a wide array of plant species.

We launched with our current entryway table model but are expanding very quickly! By demand from our customers, we are excited to be introducing our side table this coming September – with both our coffee table and desk arriving for the holidays.

That’s the beauty of this design! We can easily make any dimension of tables we want!

At this point we can’t keep up with demand. There is not a single person I can think of more perfect to partner with on this project - both for BloomingTables as a company, and myself as a young, hungry, eager to learn entrepreneur.

What do you say, Lori? Let’s make a deal!

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your response.



Phone Number: 858 602 9393



Dustin Anthony
Founder/Creator BloomingTables

Below are pictures of the coffee table and desk prototypes respectively.